About me

.NET Developer

Hello, my name is Valter Vinicius. I am a bilingual professional (Portuguese & English), .NET Developer, and Full Stack Web Developer with over 10 years' experience.

Skilled in software development, implementing system architecture using Clean Code, DDD, TDD, BDD, CQRS, Solid, Design Patterns. Certified in Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. Able to adapt to new processes and procedures quickly while under pressure. Excellent problem solving skills.

Career Highlights:

  • Won a prize for being the second best team in the company regarding profits, building over 25 ecommerce integrations.
  • Improved Integrations between Ecommerce Platforms and POS System in 2019.
  • Reduced the process time from + 1 hour to less than 5 minutes when I developed a solution for Agriculture Company, integrating more than 4 systems.
  • Improved the code and saved time for different internal processes when doing the migration of the internal systems for the VB.NET language to C# language.
  • Successfully built the first responsive website for the chain.
  • Decreased the time to finish the customer's contract by automating the sales process.
  • Lead the System's Migration team.

Skills and Knowledge